My interests are different. I do not have one passion, which spend their my all free time. I try to be interested in many things, because it makes a man wiser than putting out just one.


A large part of my time I spend discovering next interesting facts from the world created by Rockstar Games. Of course I mean the expansion of the world of Grand Theft Auto, which I know better than my hometown. These games are accompanied me in moments when I can not concentrate.


Undoubtedly my second passion is electronics, which interested me my dad. Thanks to him I discovered the secrets, trivia, and unconventional solutions to problems of electrical. To this day, he gives me a very valuable tips that I use to creating my new projects. In total I was able to do some devices, such as active Bass, plasma ball or a stabilized power supply.


Also, I am interested in all kinds of possible programming languages. When I was 15 I started to write programs in Visual Basic, which later resulted in that I wanted to explore other development environments. With a long contact with the computer, learning new programming languages ​​comes to me very fast.

Posted by December 20th, 2019